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Worth the Invite

This is the project that started my love of Cricut. I guess you could say it was also my excuse to buy a Cricut machine, after talking it over with my then fiance of course.

As my search for what we could make for our wedding began, one thing I kept coming across were these laser cut invitations. I just loved the look of them. They were just so delicate and different. There were a few online that could be purchased already made, but I was finding quite a few shops on Etsy that were selling the templates. My theory in life is why buy it when I can make it. So, I started looking more into what the cutting machine could do, and I found that it might be useful for many projects, not just the invitations. And, though it took some convincing, Nate agreed that it would be good for multiple projects we were considering for our wedding.

I purchased a Cricut machine and I purchased the template for a trifold invitation envelope and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We ended up going through a few mats, a few needles, and quite a bit of white cardstock paper. But we really liked the idea of making the invitations and creating things ourselves for our wedding. For us, it felt more personal. So we persisted.

To start, we had to cut out three different parts for the envelope. Let me rephrase that-- we had to cut out the three different parts each 125 times. Then they had to be assembled. The template thankfully had score lines for the folds so it was easy to fold the pieces and then they had to be glued together. Nate was about ready to give up halfway through. And, if I'm being honest, I ended up doing all the gluing. But, to Nate's credit, he did get the invitations and inserts printed. We purchased an online template for these also and just filled in all our details. The inserts may have seemed a bit much, but with people traveling in from different states we thought it would be a nice touch to include as much extra information as possible.

Even though Nate still cringes a little when thinking of all we did for these invitations, they were still some of the more impressive creations to come out of our wedding planning. We got so many compliments and many people were impressed that we made them ourselves.

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