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Amy Walker

Hi, friends!  I'm a California girl who found her way to Texas via college.  I was an English major in college, so you could say that words are my thing.  Words, reading, music, family and friends, all some of my things.  Creating is also one of my things.  I love to come up with an idea or be inspired by something I see.  I get it from my mom.  Growing up, she seemed to always be doing a craft or sewing project.  And God blessed me to be the same way.     

Nate Walker

Hey, y'all. I grew up in Katy, Texas. Growing up I loved music. I learned to sing and play piano. While in college I worked at the theater and assisted with the technical side of concerts, theatrical performances and presentations. After college I joined PSAV where I work with technology to help with presentations, weddings, and various other social functions. I would characterize myself as a dreamer and like to think outside the box on projects in an attempt to challenge what is possible. 

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Our Story

Tex and Cali

Nate and I met at a church event and, once he finally got up the courage to talk to me, we hit it off.  We officially started dating in April 2018 and on December 26th he proposed.  And he did good!  We were in California for Christmas with my family, so he took me to a beach I grew up going to, and he pulled out a book he had written about our time together.  It was called The Adventures of Tex and Cali.  Just picture it-- we are sitting on a log bench together as he is reading me the story of some of our most memorable dates, the big expanse of ocean in front of us, and at the end of the book (spoiler!) he gets down on one knee.  I love our story! I also love how we have decided to keep Tex and Cali a part of our story now. 

We decided to start a blog as a way to feature crafts, art, and projects that more often than not coincide with the events of our lives.  Our first collaborations began with the planning of our wedding, and continue to this day.  I (Amy) tend to be the one with the creative itch who has many fun things to create with in my craft room, and Nate is the big idea thinker, my sounding board, the tech guy when I can't figure it out, and the decision maker when needed. 

We are excited to be sharing our creative stories with you!  Just think of this as The Continued Adventures of Tex and Cali.

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